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What is ‘video alchemy’?



What is ‘video alchemy’?

A few curious folks have been asking about our company name recently. They like it, they say, but where did it come from?


It’s a reference to our beginnings as a rescuer of footage. We were always a specialist in editing, and clients would come to us with bits of footage they’d had filmed by some intern with a shaky hand. “What can you do with this?” they’d say, hopefully.

But being the sort of people who are rather proud of our work, we’d work tirelessly until we found a way to make their video work for them. We quite literally turned rubbish into gold.

The usual reaction was surprise, delight, and in really good moments, an ongoing contract to produce video on a decent budget.


Taking a hodge-podge of ideas or footage…

We understand that there are still those who want to shoot on smartphones, or compile shots of white board training courses from behind people’s heads. Chances are, we can still produce a video that works.

But to produce a sharp, effective video with good ROI takes planning. Happily, our clients are a bit more savvy these days and understand this.

That’s why, since our early days, we’ve incorporated messaging consultation and writing services into The Video Alchemists, as well as offering support in campaign planning and execution. This ensures we’re on track to meet your objective from day one.


…and turning it into highly valuable materials

Video can make even the most boring subject matter engaging. A client in the financial sector recently told us that a 3-minute video outlining a single offering generated more leads than all their white papers and datasheets combined.

Why? Because well-planned and professionally shot business video conveys so much information in mere seconds. That’s why it’s seen such a meteoric rise in popularity, and become marketers’ preferred medium for achieving brand goals and ROI.


If you’re still at the ideas stage, get in touch for an informal chat about getting huge value from your next production.

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