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Revamping an anti-slavery website – for free



Unseen UK won a package of copywriting support in our Christmas Copy Giveaway 2016.

It offered ten hours of free copywriting support to any charity. From eight nominations, the winner was Unseen UK, an anti-slavery organisation that packs a huge punch for its size. Our Consultant Writer Emma has been working with Unseen UK to rejuvenate their website copy.

“There’s so much that Unseen needs to say, and it’s all incredibly important. So there was absolutely no lack of content!” she commented. “The real challenge was helping Unseen to pace themselves, and make sure that messages were coming through clearly to the right people.”


As part of the rewrite, Emma helped Unseen plan their new website structure, consider their target audiences and develop a tone of voice that balanced seriousness with accessible language. She’s rewritten the most important pages and given advice on how to create compelling new content.

Hannah, Unseen UK’s Lead Fundraising Manager, hopes the result will encourage more awareness of modern slavery issues for website visitors. “Our visitors are more clearly guided now. They see instantly what we do, and where to go to get information they need. The copy is clear and to the point. We’re delighted!”

To find out more about the work that Unseen UK do, please click here.

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