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Three ways you’ll improve ROI from video



Three ways you’ll improve ROI from video

We recently had a client triple their sales in 6 months through a video we’d produced for them.

We’ll admit, they set the bar pretty high for ROI. But no matter your target, we help you achieve it.

After all, research has repeatedly shown that video consistently delivers better ROI than any other content. 

Let’s consider a few factors that can improve your ROI from video.

  1. Strategy is essential

Very few brands ‘go viral’, and this should never be your objective. Instead, your video should sit at the heart of a well thought-out marketing strategy. This includes considerations about your target audience, core messaging, where you’ll publish video content, and how you’ll monitor results.

Not only will this help you understand your ROI better, it’ll improve the speed of your return because you’ll be implementing the video more effectively.

  1. The right call to action

Before you even brief in your video, you should be thinking about the longer game. Where does the video sit in the customer journey? What will be their next step? This will differ with your objective.

You might be creating a new prospect list, and want viewers to sign up for regular video newsletters. Or, you might be going direct to sale – in which case, you might be directing them to visit a product page or call you.

As a production team, we’ll be sure to maximise your ROI if we understand this objective, because we can make the call to action compelling and clear.

  1. Look beyond immediate £££

Whatever financial ROI we achieve together, you’ll enjoy extra types of return too.

Extra brand visibility is a dead cert. Video on any platform will drive traffic to your website – and keep people there for longer. Not to mention your improved pulling power on social media feeds, as eyes are drawn naturally to moving images.

You’re likely to improve efficiency and productivity too – especially if that’s one of your briefed objectives. We’ve produced videos that replaced executive introductions, presented learning material and answered common customer queries. All these freed up staff for more pressing tasks.

We have lots of other tricks to squeeze every drop of juice from your production. Get in touch for an informal chat, and we might just share them with you.

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