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New launch: Welcome to Reel Life

The Video Alchemists has officially launched its alternative arthouse: Alchemivision. Made up of the same core team, Alchemivision specialises in post-production for highly creative and more unusual film projects. Catering for clients in the musi [...]



What is ‘video alchemy’?

A few curious folks have been asking about our company name recently. They like it, they say, but where did it come from?   It’s a reference to our beginnings as a rescuer of footage. We were always a specialist in editing, and clients would c [...]



Are smartphones OK for business video?

"Looking ahead to your next corporate video, you might be guilty of thinking, “We can just film it on an iPhone.” Well, why shouldn’t you? After all, most smartphones can now cope with full HD and 4k video. Some are even able to capture in 8k [...]



Three ways you’ll improve ROI from video

We recently had a client triple their sales in 6 months through a video we’d produced for them. We’ll admit, they set the bar pretty high for ROI. But no matter your target, we help you achieve it. After all, research has repeatedly shown that [...]



Brand video wins industry award

A video we produced for a specialist London recruitment firm has won the ‘Best Video of the Year’ accolade from a top industry award body. "Consummate professionals, The Video Alchemists helped us every step of the way, not just turning our drea [...]



New partnership with The Marketing Junction

We’re joining forces with a specialist recruitment marketing agency to provide top-notch video production services. The Marketing Junction provides every marketing service you might need…but only if you’re a recruitment company. After 15 year [...]



First video for Mico/Universal Music wrapped

Universal Music is set to drop our latest music video in October 2017. Mico’s debut single ‘Back to Me’ is a blend of hip hop and jazz that inspired a video full of colour, playfulness and a strong 90s vibe that we just can’t get enough o [...]



We’ve acquired a legendary Pioneer Kuro

Without wanting to spark a debate, we’re confident that the Pioneer Kuro KRP-600 60” is the best screen in the world. So we’ve acquired one for our editing suite.The Kuro’s colour display capabilities make it the most accurate reference pane [...]



Revamping an anti-slavery website – for free

Unseen UK won a package of copywriting support in our Christmas Copy Giveaway 2016.It offered ten hours of free copywriting support to any charity. From eight nominations, the winner was Unseen UK, an anti-slavery organisation that packs a huge punch [...]



National TV broadcast for our documentary

A political documentary we edited has been broadcast on a national Bangladeshi TV channel.We used our editing expertise to bring to life the story of powerful political figure in Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina.Commissioned by the Bangladeshi government, [...]



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